Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler - a new way to fill the gap

Pavement fixing mortar and its properties

  • Durable water permeability, air permeability
  • No weed volunteers
  • Heat, frost and salt resistant
  • No arrears on paving stones

Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler - a new way to fill the gap

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Have you ever wanted the perfect kind of patio? The kind of pavement that doesn’t have weeds growing through it? The kind of driveway that doesn’t get damaged by cars? How about a paving option that’s simple, and good for the environment?

Sometimes that can feel just about impossible or even like a repetitive struggle. With Mainbrick paving joint filler you will finally be able to have the kind of patio grout you always wanted, without all the hassle.

Why it’s the right joint filler for you


Mainbrick paving is a one-component paving joint filler that is easy to use, versatile and eco-friendly.

To apply the Mainbrick paving joint filler you only need water and a broom or brush to fill gaps. It can be applied in both wet and dry conditions. This patio grout is great for anyone wanting to save time and effort when doing some DIY around the house, and because the application is so simple, now anyone can do it!

Available in four colors, the joint filler can be used to help with a range of paving needs, from installing patios to flagstones. For anyone that has more than one paving style, this will definitely help with any of those DIY headaches.

Whenever doing work outside, there is always a responsibility to make sure that the material being used does not negatively affect our environment. This can sometimes be a problem when there are not eco safe products available for what you want to do. Fortunately, with Mainbrick paving joint filler that will no longer be a problem as it is composed of eco-friendly and permeable paving materials that will have no impact if washed away.


How to use it

Installation is really easy and all you need to do is:

  • Pre-wet the surface you would like to work on.
  • Spread Mainbrick paving joint filler over the surface and then work the material into the joints, with a brush or soft broom.
  • Rinse the area with a soft stream of water to compress the material.
  • Brush gently diagonally across the joints to remove any excess, and give the surface a gentle rinse with water.

Now What?

If you would like that perfect pavement, driveway or patio in an easy and eco-friendly way, contact Mainbrick today!

Color Options



Natural Sand

Sand Natur

Stone Crey



Technical Data


Density: about 1,65 g/cm³
Bending strength: about 4,0 N/mm²
Compressive strength: about 16,0 N/mm²*
E-module: 2.000 N/mm²
Water permeability: Durable water-permeable.


Processing time: 30 min
Processing temperature: > 0°C
Outside temperature: > 0°C
Substrate temperature: > 0°C
Material temperature: > 0°C
Storage: Unlimited shelf life


Quartz sand grain group from 0.3 to 1.3 mm

1-component, hybrid-modified (based on renewable raw materials) Mainbrick – Sand Binder.


Water hazard class in the hardened state Class 0
as unprocessed material Class 1
Disposal key 080406
Consumption calculation

Please tell us your measurements below to determine the amount off Mainbrick joint filler to be needed

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